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How to properly care for TPE real love doll


Love dolls are really expensive and that is why some delicate and balanced approach should be taken while caring for them. Having used the TPE real love doll, always remember to apply some cleaning as this helps to eliminate any present bacteria thus keeping you safe next you would want to use it again. Prior to engaging in the cleaning phase, it is important to isolate components such as the electrical circuits as these can be easily damaged by liquids. Some water and disinfectant are highly plausible as the combination is effective in eliminating the bacteria which poses threats while real love dolls are being put into action. Some few minutes should then be allowed for drying of the cleaned parts. The quality and functionality of the TPE real love doll majorly depends on how the storage is done. It is important to first eliminate any contact with humid environment as this would encourage bacteria growth. If the doll is inflatable, then the air inside should be removed and positioning be done in such a way that possible dislocations are eliminated. The most important aspect is to always be on the watch out for the manufacturer’s instructions as this does guarantee quality directive on all possible aspects concerning real love doll cleaning and storage.