Use of Love Dolls

Am I a Weirdo for Wanting a Silicone Sex Doll?

Sex is a very important act psychologically, physically and even emotionally. We all like to have great sex and enjoy it. So, does wanting a silicone sex doll make you a weirdo? Absolutely not! It is perfectly normal to want to explore your sexual desires. A silicone sex doll will help you do that without complaining. You will be able to enjoy yourself and have as much pleasure as you would have with a real sex partner.


Who should buy sex dolls anyway? Anyone can enjoy having a sex doll; from the married to those who are single. Whether you have just been divorced, are having trouble finding a partner or gotten out of a bad relationship you will benefit from the companionship and sexual satisfaction that sex dolls offer. For those in relationships, this wonderful toy will help you better your performance in bed. They are the perfect people to practice with as they will not transmit any STIs and will always oblige to your actions. If your partner is receptive to the idea, you could even include a sex doll in your routine sexual acts for increased pleasure.

Basic tips of how to clean and maintain a TPE Doll

Your TPE doll is your best sex partner so you need to do all that it takes to get the best out of it. You stand to derive lots of pleasure from a clean and well maintained TPE sex doll. Cleaning a sex doll does not involve complex procedures or complex tools. You can do it on your own from the comfort of your home.

While doing the cleaning, treat the doll with total tenderness so as not to damage its skin. Doing this will prevent the skin from getting damaged, it will remain smooth so as to give you total pleasure. Wipe the surface with a soft piece of cloth accompanied by shower gel or even a soap.Private parts if a TPE sex doll need to be cleaned and believe it or not, this is where you need to be extra careful. Good news is that the force of gravity will help you to clean the vagina though you can use other tools such as douche bulb cleaner. Even if you use condom with the doll, you still have to clean the vagina and anus as they can start giving out some weird smell.

Do not forget about the doll’s hair. Clean its wig using soap and shampoo and after that you can brush it so that it can look pretty. Cleaning a TPE doll once or twice a month will help it to look hotter and fresh. You will be able to enjoy each and every moment with your lovely sex doll.

Top 9 Benefits of tpe love dolls that will trigger you love them

Sex doll industry is increasing day by day. So, people are coming with with best alternatives to make love making more pleasurable. More efforts are taken by the manufacturer to make products which cause human like sensation. For this purpose a variety of materials are used like latex, fabric and vinyl. But none of these materials provide human like feel.
The solution of this scarcity is innovation of tpe love dolls. There are a lot of benefits of tpe love dolls which prompts manufacturer to make products using tpe. Tpe is acrimony of thermoplastic elastomer. Top 10 benefits of tpe love dolls are presented here-

1) Flexibility:
Flexibility is the main benefit of tpe love dolls. Tpe love dolls are very flexible. You can bent them in any direction without any distortion in the shape and configuration. These love dolls are flexible like human body.

2) Soft sensation
Tpe love dolls are soft like human body. While performing love , you can not distinguish sensation from real human touch. Soft sensation texture makes them amazing.

3) No Smell
tpe dolls are different from rubber dolls which emanates odour after suing few days. Tpe dolls does not produce any smell even after using few years.

4) Cost Friendly
These dolls have very low price with maximum benefits. So, in the era where silicon dolls comes with sky rocketing price and less benefits , tpe dolls serves as alternative for that.

5) Hypoallergenic
Tpe dolls are hypo-allergic. It means you don’t risk any allergic sensation in body and thus you also preserves health benefit while love making.

6) Compatible
Everyone wants to take love moments to the next level by using lubricants. But those old rubber dolls are not compatible with them. While tpe dolls are comfortable with water or other lubricants.

7) Conserve Energy
When it is too cold then you need to warm the love dolls before performing love. Other dolls do not retain the heat for long time, while tpe love dolls conserve energy in them after warming up.

8) Maximum karma sutra postion
Everyone like to perform love in different positions. So, these dolls can accommodate any karma sutra position while performing love.

9) Resistance to slip
It makes you annoy when you slip on the love doll. It happens when you choose wrong type of doll made up with slippy material. But tpe love dolls are quiet resistant to slip and will grip you in love making.
So, these benefits of tpe love dolls make them perfect choice for your love making endeavour. Keep enjoying tpe love dolls.

TPE Love Dolls : Feel The Real Intimate Sex Experience With High Quality Love Dolls

TPE love dolls are high-quality sex dolls. We use varieties of materials to satisfy our customers. You will experience human-like feel dolls. TPE love dolls have been the hottest love dolls all over the world. The materials are very flexible so you can shape the doll to many positions. You will feel soft sensational texture with love dolls. The dolls create sexual fulfillment for you.

tpe love dolls

We give special features in our Love dolls, such as affordable prize, TPE love dolls are much cheaper than others. The dolls can make you warm. You only need to warm them up first. For you who have allergic, TPE love dolls are very suitable for you. The dolls are hypoallergenic. The materials we use won’t cause any allergic reactions and these have no weird smells.

You must clean the dolls well, because the dolls have small like pore, germs can get in there and start growing. Remember, that TPE dolls cannot be sterilized. Just clean the dolls regularly and keep the dolls in dry place. The dolls are made with high-quality materials to satisfy your desire. We have various TPE dolls you can choose with different size. You will feel the intimate experience and enjoy the sensation of realistic sex dolls with TPE love dolls.

How to properly care for TPE real love doll


Love dolls are really expensive and that is why some delicate and balanced approach should be taken while caring for them. Having used the TPE real love doll, always remember to apply some cleaning as this helps to eliminate any present bacteria thus keeping you safe next you would want to use it again. Prior to engaging in the cleaning phase, it is important to isolate components such as the electrical circuits as these can be easily damaged by liquids. Some water and disinfectant are highly plausible as the combination is effective in eliminating the bacteria which poses threats while real love dolls are being put into action. Some few minutes should then be allowed for drying of the cleaned parts. The quality and functionality of the TPE real love doll majorly depends on how the storage is done. It is important to first eliminate any contact with humid environment as this would encourage bacteria growth. If the doll is inflatable, then the air inside should be removed and positioning be done in such a way that possible dislocations are eliminated. The most important aspect is to always be on the watch out for the manufacturer’s instructions as this does guarantee quality directive on all possible aspects concerning real love doll cleaning and storage.

How To Keep Your TPE Sex Doll Clean


TPE sex doll (Real Doll) proprietors needs to know how to clean their doll after sex. It’s not difficult to care for your realistic sex toy in order to appreciate these impressive toys for more.

Wash your hands and yourself. Characteristic oils and dirt from your skin can make realistic sex toys feel sticky and look grimy. It is difficult to clean filthy imprints up of realistic materials, so washing yourself before you utilize the toy can stay away from smears.

Use water-based lube. TPE love doll materials are produced using a blend of rubbers, plastics and silicone, so the most ideal approach to guarantee you’re protected is to decide on a water-based oil as it won’t debase or respond with any of the materials.

Dry your toy completely. Utilize a delicate material or clean towel to dry the surface of your TPE love doll. Air drying is not suggested as microscopic organisms can breed on a warm, wet drying rack or surface.

Use renewer powder. Once your toy is dry, it is imperative to utilize a renewer powder all around. Characteristic oils from the body will begin to debase the materials and this is the thing that causes that tasteless feeling on the surface of your toys. Renewer powder checks the impacts of any oils and douses up any remaining deposit and in addition shielding it from contact with any oils amid capacity.

Store realistic toys independently. Real feel sex toys are kept separate from different toys in your gathering, regardless of the fact that they are additionally made of realistic materials. Place your toy in a reasonable box or sack and store in a cool, dry place far from direct warmth and daylight.