With the growth of the sex dolls industry, most manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to come up with various alternatives of producing cheaper love dolls while at the same time retaining the same quality and experience. There are a variety of materials that have been used to make love dolls such as vinyl, plush, latex and fabric. However, none has quite the almost human-like feel like the TPE. TPE proved to be quite cheap and of high quality hence it has become the favorite of many manufacturing companies in China and all over the world. The TPE love doll is one of the tallest love dolls in the market; the purpose for this is to create sexual fulfillment for people that are mostly into tall sexual partners. TPE in full refers to Thermoplastic Elastomer-in simpler terms it is known as thermoplastic rubbers.

It has various features that set it aside as one the best materials:

  • Very flexible and can be shaped to any position.
  • Has an amazing mold-ability; means that it provides ergonomic comfort.
  • Soft sensational texture.
  • Resistance to slip.

Has a couple of extra special features such as:

  • Has a fine eighty two centimeters (32.2in) bust. Also has two fully formed boobs with erect nipples. The nipples give almost that touch of a real lady and help in the “foreplay” too.
  • Another amazing feature of this doll is its vagina- the TPE love doll is manufactured with a stylish refined 3D printer that reproduces accurately all details that are in the cavity of a real woman’s vagina. The same can be said for the mouth and the asshole.
  • This may not be so much of an amazing feature but this doll will always be a virgin when you meet her for the first time!:)
  • Can be able to go up in most Karma sutra positions except the stand up position.

The TPE love doll has various advantages such as:

  • It is cost friendly. Compared to other silicone and blow up dolls, this love doll is cheaper but is of a high quality.
  • It is squeezable- has elastic features that give the love doll a life like feel.
  • TPE love dolls are able to retain warmth in their bodies once they are warmed up.
  • They are hypoallergenic- this means that TPE love dolls are not likely to cause any allergic reactions to anyone.
  • TPE love dolls are compatible with most water based lubricants and other silicone lubricants.
  • It is an odorless material hence no weird smells can emanate unlike rubber or jelly.

There are two sides to any coin; hence, we look at the disadvantages of TPE love dolls:

  • It is a porous material- this means that it has small like pores and hence if not cleaned properly fluid may get in there and germs start growing.
  • TPE love dolls cannot be sterilized.
  • It is a newer invention- this basically means that some of the techniques that may be used in manufacturing may tend to be uncouth.
  • Its quality is wholly dependent on the blend- this means that the quality of TPE lies largely on the formula used to blend. Sometimes the manufactures may use the wrong formula.

Summary: it is evident the pros tend to outweigh the cons. This therefore means that these dolls are not just guaranteed to give you maximum sexual pleasure but also make the whole encounter safe health wise. If you are also on a budget this would be the best doll to go for.